Gao Lufeng

The Founder and CEO of Ninebot

Gao Lufeng, who graduated from BUAA, founded Ninebot in February 2012 which is engaged in the field of innovative short transportation, including R&D, sales and service of products in a variety of forms such as single-wheel and two-wheeled self-balancing vehicle.
In October 2014, it received over $80 million from Xiaomi, Sequoia Capital, Shunwei Capital, West Summit Capital; in April 2015, it acquired the world’s most renowned No.1 company in private transportation, SEGWAY INC (Segway) ;in June 2015, it completed $60 million financing, becoming a company of $1 billion scale.
In April 2015, it acquired the founder of self-balancing vehicle, the world leading private transportation equipment company – Segway.
The current Segway &Ninebot Group is the world’s largest company in short transportation, with more than 400 key industry patents, with distribution and marketing network in nearly 100 countries, with companies in Beijing / USA / Singapore and production bases in Tianjin / Changzhou / USA. Meanwhile, the enterprise makes continuous exploration in such areas as service robots, and robots products jointly developed with the world’s leading companies and organizations will be launched this year.


Wang Ye

The Co-founder and President of Ninebot

Wang Ye, who graduated with a Master degree from BUAA, is a robotics expert.
Cid Wang, MS. Born in Chongqing, China. Obtained MS degree at Robotics Institute of Beijing Univ. of Aeronautics & Astronautics in 2006.
As a co-founder, Cid Wang found UPTECH Robotics co, Ltd. in 2006. He lead the team and developed “InnoSTAR modular education robotic kit”, “RAPTOR EOD robot” and a series of robot products, Obtained several patents on robotic field. UPTECH Robotics is one of the earliest companies focused on Robotics in China. Lead the RoboCup MSL platform “Voyager III” won three 1st place in RoboCup(MSL).
Act as standing Director of Robotic Competition committee, Chinese Association of Automation since 2008. Act as standing Director of Beijing Artificial Intelligence Society since 2008.
Worked for ISO/TC184/SC2/WG7(Personal care robot) and WG10(Robot Modularity) as Chinese expert since 2011. Contributed to ISO standard ISO13482: Personal care robot safety.
Found Power Union Tech Co, Ltd (the predecessor of Ninebot Inc.). as co-founder and co-CEO in 2012.
Since 2015, working as the president of Ninebot Inc. and be responsible for R&D, supply chain & production.

Zhao Zhongwei

Zhao Zhongwei


Zhao Zhongwei has 20 years of market operation management experience. She has been instrumental in gaining top market share for numerous companies in a short period of time. Currently, she serves as the COO of Ninebot Inc., and is fully responsible for market operation and management.
From 1993 to 2000, she was the chief representative of the US Huasheng Group China office. She is the former COO of Oriental Wanying Media Co., LTD and from 2003 to 2013, she served as the CEO of Beijing City Human Resources Co., LTD.

Chen Zhongyuan

Chen Zhongyuan


Chen Zhongyuan, a PhD candidate of BUAA Robot Research Institute, has been the CTO of Ninebot since April 2014. His focus is on developing robot intelligent control and human-computer interaction.
From 2007 to 2010, he was the technical backbone of Beijing Up-Tech Co., LTD, involved in R&D work on the “Creative Star” modular robot project and “Future Star” embedded intelligent robot.
While studying for his Masters Degree from 2009 to 2011, Chen participated in the national 863 program. He was mainly responsible for the independent design and development of the electric control system on the “service-oriented robots multi-purpose touch/interaction force-sensing device”.
From 2011 to the beginning of 2013, he was responsible for the R&D of the completely intelligent electric control system on the WindRunner project of Beijing Up-Tech Co., LTD.


Shen Tao

Vice-President of Production

Shen Tao, brings a wealth of experience to Ninebot, having previously been the on-site production manager for Top 500 enterprises. Shen was trained in the Six Sigma system, and is proficient in 5 S, team management, standardized operation and on-site production management and improvement. He is experienced in new factory planning, production management and system programming.
As the VP of Production at Ninebot Inc., Tao is mainly responsible for overseeing manufacturing of Ninebot products.


Ma Ge

Vice President of Overseas Sales

Ma Ge brings two decades of management experience and nearly a decade of independent business operations and brand promotion experience to his role of VP of Overseas Sales at Ninebot.
Ma was previously involved in entertainment, catering, real estate investment, construction and other industries. He once served as tour manager for Jacky Cheung and other celebrities.

Xiao Xiao

Xiao Xiao

Vice President of Domestic Sales

Xiao Xiao, is a graduate of NCUT with a degree in mechanical design manufacture and automation. He also has a Master’s Degree in Finance from Beijing University.
•From 2006 to 2011, he served as the Marketing Director of the French company, Aereco, with a focus on the Chinese market. He has been the Sales Director for Beijing Power Union and Ninebot Inc., mainly in charge of the domestic sales of WindRunner and Ninebot, since July 2011.

Zhang Hui

Zhang Hui

R&D director

Zhang Hui has decades of research and development experience in robotics. From 2007 to 2011, he worked in R&D for the “Traveler” series and the “Medium Group Soccer Robot” for Beijing Up-Tech Co., LTD.
From 2011 to 2013, he served as the head of research and development on Project WindRunner, in charge of the R&D of the whole project.