How is a Ninebot assembled?

Please refer to Ninebot’s Instruction Manual for complete and detailed assembly instructions.

Is maintenance service for Ninebot products available?

Yes. A maintenance card is provided with each vehicle. It includes detailed maintenance terms as well as contact information for Ninebot maintenance and service providers.

What are the differences between Ninebot and Segway products?

Ninebot’s products are independently developed and manufactured in China. Ninebot independently owns its intellectual property. When compared to imported brands, we offer comparable quality and service and we do so at a much lower price.

What’s the difference between the Ninebot and electric bicycles?

Ninebot is a tremendously popular technological transportation tool – and an excellent alternative to walking. The Ninebot can complete a 360°rotation and maneuver in very small spaces unlike an e-bike.

What’s the Ninebot’s top speed?

The Ninebot’s maximum speed is approximately 20km/h.

How do you charge a Ninebot?

Use the Ninebot’s power adapter to charge it. Simply plug it in to a 100 ~ 240 VAC outlet.

How long does it take for the Ninebot to fully charge?

With the standard battery and charger, it takes approximately 2 to 4 hours to full charge the Ninebot.

How many kilometers can a the fully charged Ninebot run?

A fully charged Ninebot Model E, with standard capacity battery packs, can run about 20 to 30 kilometers.

Is there a height requirement to ride the Ninebot?

Riders should be no less than 1.40m and no more than 2.1m. Riders that are taller or shorter may sacrifice safety. The Ninebot’s standard equipped operation bar fits drivers that are between 1.5~1.9m tall. We do offer customers the option to purchase a shorter or longer operation bar.

What are the safety precautions to consider before riding a Ninebot?

(1)Get to know and comply with local laws and regulations.
(2)Put on your safety gear, including helmet, knee pads, palm pads, and elbow pads, before driving.
(3)Make sure your battery has at least a 60% charge before riding to avoid loss of power while out and about.
(4)Make sure nothing is impairing your balance before riding. Please don’t ride after drinking.
(5)Watch where you’re riding. Be sure to avoid cracks, slopes of more than 20 degrees, holes with a depth of more than 3cm, or any other unsafe driving conditions.
(6)Pregnant women, patients with heart diseases and anyone who can’t walk up a flight of stairs without assistance should not ride. The Ninebot is a one person vehicle, two or more people should never be on the unit at the same time. Finally, children under the age of 14 should only ride a Ninebot when accompanied by guardians.

What are the optional accessories?

We plan to launch our accessories line in the near future. Accessories would include an external charger, standby battery, vehicle headlamps, fenders, car ramp, side luggage racks and trunks and different options for tires and gears.

How do you clean a Ninebot?

The best way to clean a Ninebot is with high-pressure air. You can also use fresh water to spray-wash the Ninebot’s surface. (Note: Don’t use high-pressure water to spray-wash; it may cause damage). If the plastic surface of your Ninebot is scratched, you can use fine sand paper to polish out the scratch.

How long does it take to learn how to ride a Ninebot?

Generally, it takes 1-3 minutes to learn how to ride your Ninebot, though the learning curve depends on the person. For some, it may take several days. If you have purchased a Ninebot, it’s important to carefully read the Product Manual and Instructions on the disk provided before operating. If you rent a Ninebot, please read the Safety Notice and listen to the coach on scene

Does my Ninebot need to be licensed?

Ninebot, according to the laws and regulations of China, is managed as a non-motor vehicle, so it does not need to be licensed. However, it is forbidden to drive Ninebot on any motorway and the highway. For overseas users, please follow the local regulation.

What’s the core technology of Ninebot?

Ninebot’s core technologies are dynamic balance technology, natural attitude control technology and dual-redundancy hot backup security technology. We have a number of patents and software copyrights around these technologies.

Can Ninebot run on the motorway?

No, it can’t. By law, a Ninebot can only run in the non-motorized vehicle lane.

Why the vast difference in prices across your products?

With different core technologies and safety performances across the product line, there are different prices. With these different attributes come differences in product performance, driving experience and security. We suggest you try all the products and compare for yourself to find the product that best suits you.