Company Profile

Ninebot Inc. is the first smart short transportation equipment operator in China which gathers research & development, production, sale, and service in one. The headquarter of the company is located in the Beijing of China, and covers an office area of more than 1000 square meters. It also has established the development research manufacturing and logistics service centers in the Tianjin and Changzhou of China, covering an area of 8000 square meters and 28000 square meters respectively. Now, Ninebot has successively released the products of Windrunner series, Ninebot series, and Ninebot One series, and sold to more than 60 countries and regions, such as American and HongKong area. Ninebot Inc. has also established the sale and service centers in more than 200 cities in mainland China, and the number of which is increasing rapidly.

With an international perspective and based on the global market, Ninebot has focused on leading the innovation and reform of the smart short transportation products. The company upholds the corporate philosophy of “concentration, perfection, glory, and influence”, and build the concept of “5km-radius-life-circle”. Its products have successfully become the first personal smart short transportation robots in millions families. Ninebot is committed to updating the standard of short trip, and by producing smarter, more convenient products to provide excellent solutions to human’s traveling life, so as to enrich people’s life, enhance people’s traveling experience.

Ninebot has powerful advantage in resources and research & development field and being a leader in the industry of the design, production to promotion. Its marketing team members are domestic well-known experts and senior managers in the industry. The main of R & D team are composed by robotics engineers from China and Internet industry leaders of Silicon Valley. The company owns a number of patents of robotics inventions and utility and is the leader of the international field of security and control of self-balancing car technology.

In April 2015, Ninebot received the A round financing of investment from Xiaomi Tech, Sequoia Capital, Shunwei Capital, and Huashan Capital, and successful on acquisition the world leader in the self-balancing vehicle Segway, then became the most influential leader around the world in the smart short-distance transportation industry. After the completion of the acquisition, Ninebot will obtain R & D systems of global vision, global suppliers procurement network, the world’s 100+ sales and services network, the world’s 400+ core industry patents, and global service network.

Today, Ninebot will continue to focus on leading the innovation of smart short transportation products, consistently open up the new application of smart self-balancing transportation cars industry, accelerate the self-balancing cars industry to advance towards intelligence and environmental protection, so as to make it be a part of people’s life.

Company vision

‘Smart Technology’, as it has been coined, has become a global development trend. We believe that the rapid development of self-balancing vehicles will lead to another scientific and technological revolution. Ninebot has successfully brought together the interaction between machine and smartphone. Its diverse functions make it the replacement for anything that came before. Ninebot is the complete innovation of the ‘smart transporter’.

For consumers, Ninebot should not only be seen as transportation, it should be seen as a way of life and a need for the planet to pursue environmental harmony.

At Ninebot our slogan is ‘Think Differently and Innovate Sustainably’, but it’s more than just a saying. We believe that Ninebot will push the self-balancing vehicle business to new heights. Not only to change the way people live, but to contribute to diversity in the industry of technology. We look forward to a new era in which Ninebot Inc. achieves sustainable innovation for all mankind.