Company Culture

Ninebot Inc. is focused on bringing green, short-distance transportation solutions to market and making life easier through technological innovation. We strive to achieve these goals based on our corporate philosophy of concentration, perfection, honor and influence.


Our dedicated team of engineers focuses on providing the best eco-friendly, electric, self-balancing vehicles for short-range commuting. With a focus on responsibility to the consumer, our team strives to make our company as successful as possible while also realizing their personal goals.


At Ninebot, we focus on the details. We do our best to create the safest, most-reliable electric self-balancing vehicles in the world. With that goal in mind, we value perfectionism as our standard.


We’re honored to have followers around the globe. Our goal is to grow that following by constantly striving to be the benchmark of the electric personal transportation industry.


Our goal is to be the leader of intelligent transportation. We intend to do so by continuing to develop new products and improve our service to meet the needs of our customers. With our exclusive products and services we will continue to build our reputation as a leader in this industry.